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Geometry Nodes For Blender

Geometry Nodes is a visual scripting tool inside Blender that allows for more complex and responsive workflows. In Blender 3.0, a new fields system was introduced and now that it's had time to mature, we've updated our Geometry Nodes course for Blender 3.3 LTS.

By the end of this new course with Erin, you’ll have learnt all the basics of navigating this system, and be able to create an entire scene- all animated within a single node tree.

Advanced Geometry Nodes for Blender

Do you want to take your procedural modelling to the next step? This course is full of knowledge that will take your skills beyond the basics and to the next level.

Focusing on generating your own reusable node groups you’ll not only gain a tonne of knowledge but leave with several Geometry Nodes assets you can use again and again in your projects!

Making Procedural Weapons In Blender

Blender is a brilliant program, capable of creating amazing models which can be exported to any game engine. In this course, we focus on the free and open-source Godot game engine. Many of the techniques taught will be immediately applicable to other game engines as well.

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