Godot 4 Everyone!

Learn to make games in Godot 4, the free and open source you’ve been looking for! 

This is the perfect time to learn Godot; with so many incredible upgrades to an already great engine, you’re able to make better looking, performing games faster than ever.

As a student of this course, we’ll take you through a series of projects, each bigger and more feature rich than the last.  We’re still developing the curriculum and test projects, so expect us to add to the following list:

Rock Paper Toucan: Get to grips with the basics of Godot by creating your own highly customizable version of Rock Paper Scissors.  Not enough choices?  We’ll also look at how to expand it to Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock And make it so that you can change the choices to anything you like!  

We’ll explore:

  1. How to Godot !
  2. The basics of programming - variables, functions and conditionals
  3. Nodes
  4. Scenes
  5. Extending and Instancing
  6. Signals
  7. Groups

Space Invaducks : Continue your Godot 4 journey with this reimagined classic as you help Lee Jit Pengiun save the world from the dastardly space duck. 

We’ll explore:

  • The basics of 2D 
  • How to move a sprite across a screen
  • How to make and remove projectiles
  • How to move lots of NPCs at the same time (and make them all change direction at the same time
  • How to make a basic user interface to display a score
  • How to display how many shots the player has, updating it as the number goes up and down

Pie Sweeper : A tastier revamp of the classic Minesweeper, this project will teach us:

  1. Tilemaps - a wonderful way to build and change levels quickly
  2. Reading mouse inputs
  3. Generating random levels based on starting conditions

Spooky Bricks: Another classic game given the canopy twist.  Here we’ll extend the ideas of the last two projects while adding:

  • Physics
  • Powerups
  • Using Physics information to update a tilemap
  • Options Menus
  • a bat!

Toucy Kickabout: The student favourite from Discovering Godot returns, bigger, brighter and more complete!  In this the first of our 3D projects, we’ll look at

  • The basics of 3D in Godot
  • The animation system
  • Local multiplayer
  • Character selection

And plenty more!  Remember, this is just the first iteration of the curriculum - expect it to get bigger and better as Godot 4 nears its official release!

Why learn Godot with us?

Godot is a full featured game engine that is also completely free and open source.  Able to create wonderful games in 2D and 3D, it has been growing rapidly more popular.  With the incredible number of new and improved features in Godot 4, now’s the perfect time to learn how to use it.

Passionate instructors!

We’ve been huge fans and cheerleaders of Godot for years now, having released a number of large and small courses for Godot 3.x.  Yann can frequently be found tinkering with game ideas and techniques on his time off, and loves helping students realise their potential with this engine.

Qualified Instructors!

Beyond the love of the engine, you’ll learn from a teacher with a Master’s of Science in Education.  Every project is developed with clear pedagogy and curriculum in mind to keep you engaged, growing and entertained.  

Awesome Projects!

We don’t like teaching with simple demos and toys.  We like our students to make games they want to play.  Something they can feel proud of, share with their friends and that they’ll want to expand and make truly their own.  Every one of our programming courses and every section in Godot 4 Everyone is a game we love playing.  If the project isn’t awesome, we don’t use it.

A Wonderful Community!

Our Discord is full of warm, accepting and helpful Toucans people to help you on your journey.  You won’t get mocked for asking a “silly” question.  You won’t be made to feel stupid because you don’t understand, and you’ll be encouraged to share screenshots (or even builds!) of your work for people to enjoy.

So join us on this amazing journey as we stop waiting and learn that Godot truly is for everyone

Hi, I’m Yann!

I'm one of the founders of Canopy Games.

I have a Masters of Science in Theatre Education degree from the City College of New York and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Theatre Arts from Goldsmith's College, University of London. I currently live in the UK where I teach on a variety of subjects (mostly online).

I'm a passionate advocate for quality education in all fields, and my pedagogy is routed in a "learner-centered" model. I love my cats, teaching, playing computer, board and card games, exploring forests and cooking.

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